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Research and Inspiration

About his research and inspiration for the 3rdI project

I have done some research on the Shanghai water system, and below are some diagrams that further explain it.

“Shanghai” in Chinese translates to ”the place by the ocean.” In reality, the city is never separated from the water. It derives from the water. It sits at the outlet of Yan Zi River (Chang Jiang River) as it connects to the East Sea. Yet, the city of Shanghai is one of the 32 most lacking of drinkable water because of the level of pollution.

The government is working on getting clean drinkable water from other sources far away from the city, such as Chang Jiang River. My research and project interest is not just about how to deal with the water pollution problem. Beyond that, I am interested in looking back at the history of how Shanghai people lived with their water supply and it’s role in the future of the city. I think that the water will become the key image and play a significant role in Shanghai within this post-industrial era, our so-called “information society.”



Making of the model

Title: Wall-Like Stage


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