World Expo 2010

In August 2010 a 3rd i project was executed for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The project was done and showcased in Rotterdam and Shanghai in MK Gallery and The Dutch Culture Centre.

Shanghai - The Dutch Culture Centre

The 3rd i project was a telepresence project, that presented in an interactive media art exhibit, future visions for buildings and places in the sister cities Rotterdam and Shanghai. Students and professionals in workshops in Shanghai and in Rotterdam, researched and debated about their urban environments and visualized the results in maquettes.


The 3rd i exhibition was set up simultaneously in Shanghai, Rotterdam and online from August 14 to September 5 2010.


As in all 3rd i projects, visitors to the 3rd i website could drive a robot online in the exhibition in Shanghai. Next to that visual exhibitions were set up in the Dutch Culture Centre in Shanghai and in MK Gallery in Rotterdam.


In Shanghai visitors of the 3rd i exhibition could explore the landscape of the maquette city interactively, by navigating a robot through the future ideal miniature city streets. The visitors could steer the robots using a body controlled step pad.


This 3rd i project was part of the joint exhibition and event series 'Adaptation: Designing the Future City' at Shanghai’s Dutch Culture Centre (DCC), which was part of the WORLD EXPO 2010.

DCC Building


Dutch Culture Centre

800 SHOW Complex

Changde Lu 800



Rotterdam - MK Gallery

The 3rd i exhibition’s second location was MK Gallery on the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam, with a live link to the DCC. In a parallel exhibition, visitors could control the 3rd i robots at the Shanghai exhibition and virtually visit the Shanghai exhibition. Both exhibition sites also facilitated communication between the Chinese and Dutch visitors, using especially developed 'telepresence furniture' to meet, talk, debate and share with each other.


Video interviews by Couscous Global, in which workshop participants shared their ideas on the future of their own cities, were also screened at the exhibitions.


In Rotterdam V2_ hosted a special China programme at MK Gallery during the exhibition with presentations by Chinese and Dutch artists, curators and institutions.

MK Gallery


MK Gallery

Witte de Withstraat 53





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